1. Tell Everyone

From the recording We Could Use A Little Rain

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Tell Everyone
(Tom Fisch & Larry Wayne Clark)

We take so much for granted everyday
The blessings we've been handed every breath we take
The people in our lives who make it all worthwhile
The ones that we love so we forget to let them know  

CH Tell everyone you love that you love them do it while you can
Take a stance, join the dance, seize the chance at hand
Life is a short unpredictable journey nothing's guaranteed
Today's a gift, tomorrow's a mystery,  Tell Everyone  

It only takes a moment along the way
To say those words that light up even the darkest day
We let our heads get turned,don't see the candle burning
Those hearts that matter most, now's the time to hold them close  


© Tom Fisch Music (ASCAP)/ Brainchild Music (SOCAN)