1. Lucky Penny

From the recording We Could Use A Little Rain

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Lucky Penny
(Tom Fisch & Brittany Allyn)

Well I woke up this morning heads up shining in the sun
Was almost passed over by some fellow on his morning run
But he must’ve second thought it ‘cause I ended up in his pocket
And once again I knew I was on my way another lucky day

Well he ran on down to the quickstop for a paper and a Gatorade
He tossed me in the give-a-penny take-a-penny dish and we parted ways
But it wasn’t too long ‘til a lady strolled in with a purse the size of Texas
I was all that’s left of her twenty dollar bill as we drove off in her Lexus

CH Lucky Penny I’ve been all around the world
I’ve seen London I’ve seen France I’ve seen folks in their underpants
Well I’ve spent some time in the gutter but that don’t bring me sorrow
When you’re a lucky penny, no tellin’ where you’ll be tomorrow

Well we were at the mall by ten o’clock and she seemed like she was on mission
I sure am glad it wasn’t me she tossed in that well they’ve got for wishin’
Three shopping bags and two hours later I thought I was going locco
When a flight attendant said folks buckle up for LA and Acapulco, that ain’t no joko


BR Well the Texas purse lady said a penny for your thoughts to a kid sitting next to her
As he took me in his hand I just knew I was bound
For a gum ball machine or one of those penny pressers

When she got off in LA I was suddenly filled with elation
When I realized the kid was taking me along on his family vacation
Well I’d been south of the border before and I thought well now goodness gracious
This might give me a chance to hang out a bit with my old friend the peso
Mi buenos amigos


If you should see me in the gutter, do an old penny a favor
Pick me up, pass me on, keep me in circulation
Unless of course you’re a penny pincher
Then leave me alone, yes in deed

© Tom Fisch Music (ASCAP)/Mighty Pen Music (BMI)