From the recording We Could Use A Little Rain

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Hard Lesson Road
(K S Taylor & Ruby Lovett)

Wish I could’ve seen the dangers comin’

Wish I could’ve known what lay ahead

Maybe I’d’ve turned and started runnin’

Maybe I’d’ve taken another path instead

I told myself I knew where I was goin’

Had myself convinced I’d be alright

Never stopped to think who I’d be hurtin

Never thought of how it could change my life

CH And I pray for peace in the morning

A little bit of comfort for my soul

And for strength to walk on while I’m learnin’

Traveling down life's hard lesson road

Watchin’ all the memories roll by me

Knowin’ that in time all hearts will mend

Passin’ up the things that used to tempt me

Knowin’ I will never go that way again


©Pecan Pie Music (BMI)/Curb Publishing (ASCAP)