1. Oh Life

From the recording We Could Use A Little Rain

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Oh Life
(Tom Fisch & K S Taylor)

I’ve been so blind I refused to see
That the things I couldn’t live without were killing me
With the promise of pleasure and freedom from pain, all my pain
Like a leaf on a wild rushing river I was carried away

CH Oh life, oh life what have I done
I’ve wasted so many sweet moments here under your sun
Now I’m ready to step from the shadows where I used to dance
Oh life, oh life give me one more chance

I let myself down and I hurt so bad
When all the cravings that burned in my soul were all I had
I couldn’t see all the beautiful blessings that you’d given me
Like the sun and the moon and the stars and every breath I breathe


© Tom Fisch Music (ASCAP)/Universal Music Publishing (BMI)