From the recording We Could Use A Little Rain

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Lost In America
(Tom Fisch & Larry Wayne Clark)

Baby this town keeps getting smaller
Got a dead end job that makes me want to holler
I see hope fading in your pretty blue eyes
Why don’t we pack our bags and kiss the folks goodbye
Got a few more miles on this Coupe de Ville
We’ll hit the ground running and drive until we’re..

CH Lost in America buckle up baby and take my hand
Get off of this carousel grab ourselves a piece of the promised land
There’s a big world waiting on us
so throw the map out the window sit back
And just get lost in America
we’ll find our dream when the sun comes up

Well North or South, baby East or West
Let’s put our gypsy souls to the test
We’ll see freedom’s bell and liberty’s torch
Hear the whales sing on the sea’s front porch
If the folks back home should wonder where we are
We stop somewhere and drop a post card sayin’..


© Tom Fisch Music (ASCAP)/Brain Child Music (SOCAN)