From the recording We Could Use A Little Rain

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Kid From Yesterday
(Tom Fisch & Jimmy Nalls)

Out on the road daydreaming, letting my mind go wanderin’
Back to some long gone summer days
I must have been twelve or thirteen, had an electric six-string
Oo man that kid could play
Then my thoughts drift back to my life and bills to pay
And I wish I could pack my bags and get back to those younger days

CH Oo catch the first plane I’ve got to find that kid again
Can I get a flight to yesterday
I’ve got to see him for myself cause right now I feel like someone else
Where is that kid from yesterday

I remember how me and my best friend had a hot little rock band
The neighborhood kids would gather round
Thought we were really somethin’ We’d get that old back porch jumpin’
You could hear us clear ‘cross town
We always thought we were gonna make it big someday
But we grew up and grew apart and that dream blew away


Bridge Days like this life don’t make sense
Have I lost that innocence
And a part of myself along the way


©Tom Fisch Music (ASCAP)/Jimmy Nalls Music (BMI)