From the recording We Could Use A Little Rain

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Carolina Calling
(Tom Fisch & Liz Kelly)

There's a feeling that I get
When I least expect it it comes over me
Working or playing
Any time of day it slips into me
I get the urge for the open road
When her smoky voice whispers in my soul, it's just

CH Carolina callin' me Asheville to Wilmington
Carolina callin' me and my journey has begun

There's a cabin in the woods on a lake in the mountains
where the pine trees fly
Life's a little slower where the laurel breezes blow
and the moon softly cries
I feel the cool water wash over me

Floating gently in a summer memory it’s just....


There’s an old weathered pier’s been stretching for years

Where the whitecaps dance

Lovers stroll the beaches and the wind off the sea

is full of sweet romance

I feel that old familiar pull deep inside

Tugging at me like the moon to the tide that’s just....

Carolina callin’ me Asheville to Wilmington

Carolina callin’ me and my journey has begun
She stole a part of my heart long ago

And every now and then she still let’s me know

Carolina calling me home

© Tom Fisch Music (ASCAP)