From the recording October Boy

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Carolina Blue Sky Day
(Tom Fisch)

Another morning in Carolina
Lord I see why they say nothing could be finer
The sun is up, a gentle breeze
Slowly winds it’s way through the trees
Coffee on the front porch swing
Listenin’ to the songbirds sing

CHORUS And I think I’ll just drift away
On this Carolina Blue Sky Day
Ain’t nothing gonna stand in my way
I’m right where I belong
On this Carolina Blue Sky Day

Sweet magnolias are a bloomin’
All around me young hearts are swoonin’
The highway’s hummin’ in the distance
But there ain’t nothin’ out there that I’m missing
Don’t know what tomorrow will bring
But today just makes me want to sing


Well I don’t care what tomorrow will bring
Cause today just makes me wanna sing


© Tom Fisch Music (ASCAP)