From the recording October Boy

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Mildred's Children
(Tom Fisch/Liz Kelly)

Mildred’s children sold her house today
Packed up her things and moved her away
She couldn’t take care of it anyway
Assisted living she’ll be better off

She was such a fixture in this neighborhood
Walking her little dog every chance she could
A part of everything that makes living here so good
No lights on in her house tonight

CH One more way that I’m reminded
Nothing ever stays the same
Seasons roll by, hellos and goodbyes
And we face the change come what may

There’s a family picture hanging on my wall
It was taken when we got together last fall
Next to my mother standing straight and tall
Is an empty space where my father should be


Young birds darting in and out of the trees
New buds sprouting pretty as you please
It’s been weeks now since our last freeze
Winter has surrendered to spring


© Tom Fisch Music (ASCAP)