From the recording October Boy

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The Mulberry Tree
(Tom Fisch & Liz Kelly

I went back to see my old house and stirred up some memories
Of childhood pals and long gone neighbors and my old friend the mulberry tree
Looking up and down that black top street
Recalling muggy nights and scraped up knees
Baseball games and hide and seek
And climbing up into the shade of that mulberry tree

There was a crook in this one branch where I'd lay back and contemplate life
Where my best friend and I savored the deepest red berries
And the birds got the ones way up high
I could spy on the world through the leaves
Feel the power of invisibility
I'd escape for awhile feeling free
Safe in the arms of my mulberry tree

I've gone back there in my mind a thousand times
To catch a glimpse of those simpler days
When it seemed as if everything was possible
And it was always gonna be that way
When I'd run up and down that black top street
On muggy nights with scraped up knees
To shouts of olly olly in free
Under the stars shining down on that mulberry tree
Oh how much I loved my mulberry tree

© Tom Fisch Music (ASCAP)