1. October Boy

From the recording October Boy

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October Boy
(Tom Fisch)

Harvest moon, pumpkin pie
Who's not ready holler aye
Summer days are on the fly
Getting ready for the change

Bundle up it's getting cold
Chilly air refreshes the soul
Look around you son, you're getting old
Lord it feels so strange

CHORUS October boy, October boy
Life is a harvest to be enjoyed
You better eat your fill and leave the rest
Father time will put you to the test
But you can pass it if you do what you do best
Ah spread your joy October Boy

Wild geese against the blue
Stirs the wanderlust in you
You got songs to sing and things to do
You stand frozen in you tracks

Soak it up like a ray of sun
Take it in even on the run
This is the stuff from where you come
It's just like going home


© Tom Fisch Music (ASCAP)