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Here's a review of Songs for Kids from Western North Carolina's Bold Life magazine.

Flat Rock’s own Tom Fisch is back with a collection of songs aimed at the younger crowd (or those of us who just feel young). Songs For Kids is just what it says. Fisch takes the straightforward, uncomplicated approach on this recording, using simply his voice (sometimes in the form of a mouth trumpet) and his acoustic guitar to relate his take on a wide variety of traditional and contemporary children’s classics. What I find interesting and ironically novel about this CD is that in an era where kids music is increasingly trying to find a new way to get the positive attention of children through the use of television tie-ins or over-the-top marketing campaigns, Fisch just takes these songs (most of which a lot of us grew up with), and sings them just as any father might sing them to his child. True, Tom has a better voice than a lot of us dads, but you get the point. There are even a couple of songs on this CD - “Going to the Zoo” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” - which I wouldn’t have thought of as kids’ songs, but listening to Fisch’s take on them in this context, they seem perfect for this audience. Fisch always has a warm, heartfelt way about his music, and Songs for Kids is certainly no exception.

Bold Life Magazine

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